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Grow your E-Commerce Business with SAP Commerce Cloud

Digitalisation and intelligent technologies are creating a new business landscape and challenges for organisations. Customers expect to interact, engage, and transact with businesses anywhere, at any time, using a wide range of communication channels. At the same time, they expect to receive the same level of personal service. The good news is that e-commerce businesses […]

The Key Mobile App Metrics you Should Follow

You might have a great app with all the cool features meeting your customers’ needs; and the total download number, registered users or page views you see are quite impressive. Does this mean you are able to determine how your app is performing or analyse your users’ behaviour? Not at all…These numbers are of course […]

Mobile Marketing to Millennials – How to Catch Their Attention?

Millennials have proven that they are one of the most important groups of buyers – already the largest demographic in the US– today. Even though they are one demographic segment, consisting of the ages 18-40; it is not easy for marketers to identify them in sharp boarders. It requires an unusual way of thinking for marketers […]

3 Innovative Use Cases for Telecom Companies

Inomera’s mobile engagement platform Netmera not only offers innovative features, but also provides exclusive industry specific know-how. This enables enterprises to gain more efficient, more targeted and more convenient insights, recommendations, reports and analysis; tailor made for their business needs. That being the case, Netmera offers a significant expertise in some major industries such as Telecom. Netmera expertise contributes Telcos […]

2017 in Mobile: Stats and Tactics for Mobile Marketers

2017 has been quite a successful year for mobile commerce, as mobile sales ratios and numbers boosted more than expected.  Let’s take a look at some mobile usage and mobile-commerce stats for 2017; and learn some tips on how you can be a part of this success in 2018. Mobile Stats from 2017 Since average smartphone conversion […]

Whitepaper: Success in Omnichannel Commerce

Since 2016 was mobile commerce’s breaking year with the share of mobile commerce exceeding 40%, in total e-commerce revenues; the fastest growing retailers are the ones catching customers on every channel with their responsive web sites and mobile applications. Customers interact with brands from different touch points and they feel more secure when they reach consistent […]

Omnichannel Solutions with the Best E-Commerce System: SAP Hybris

You might have heard that SAP Hybris has entered the e-commerce world quite significantly with SAP’s acquisition of Hybris in 2013. And since then, SAP has set a leading position in the world regarding e-commerce systems -at least according to Gartner and Forrester! Inomera has partnered with SAP for offering Hybris products sales, implementation and […]

Inomera was in GITEX Technology Week

There is a significant growth in E-Commerce, Banking and every industry that touches Mobile in the Middle East region. The reason is quite clear: Mobile penetration increased 228% in UAE in 2017 with an increase of more than 132,000 new subscriptions in March compared to February. Furthermore, GDP growth in GCC countries is forecasted at +2.3% in 2017 so we can say the Middle East, and in particular the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, are currently a region to pay attention.

Billion-Dollar Coalition: Turkey’s Largest SAP Hybris Expertise Center

Companies in Turkey and MENA region, now have a strong business partnership for Omni Channel Trade and Marketing Projects: Inomera and Lineris are boosting their expertise and innovative products with a strategic partnership in order to deliver SAP Hybris Omni Channel Commerce and Marketing Solutions to their customers. Let’s take a closer look at Lineris and Inomera businesses in detail and how this strategic…

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