28 Oct

Omnichannel Solutions with the Best E-Commerce System: SAP Hybris

You might have heard that SAP Hybris has entered the e-commerce world quite significantly with SAP’s acquisition of Hybris in 2013. And since then, SAP has set a leading position in the world regarding e-commerce systems -at least according to Gartner and Forrester!

Inomera has partnered with SAP for offering Hybris products sales, implementation and development services on December 2016 and completed the training, certification and team development operations in less than 6 months. Now Inomera is the leading implementation, integration and customization partner for SAP Hybris omnichannel commerce in the MENA region.


Let’s learn more about what SAP Hybris is and what Inomera and SAP Hybris are  bringing to businesses;

As mentioned above, SAP Hybris is an e-commerce system that SAP has incorporated into their structure. SAP Hybris allows organisations to manage their e-commerce operations with end-to-end solutions. With the omni-channel approach, SAP Hybris focuses on rapid transformation and agility across all channels, and enables brands to deliver a consistently great customer experience at every touch point. Since SAP Hybris products are designed to be easy to implement and integrate with organisations’ current systems, it allows brands to grow as their needs evolve.

What Keeps Inomera Ahead of the Game

Inomera has a deep understanding and significant experience in omnichannel e-commerce industry needs, processes and best practices. We can provide a wide range of services to our customers with our products as a result of increasing mobilisation of e-commerce. Inomera offers;

  • Complimentary mobile products and applications such as Netmera Mobile Engagement Platform which helps companies to get the most out of mobile consumers
  • Top expertise in Java technologies in which Hybris products are built
  • Customer success team that tracks the usage and purchasing behaviors of 120M + mobile consumers and ensures not only successful implementation of solutions but also offers advice, recommendations and benchmarks for guiding clients in their omnichannel transformation.

Most importantly, Inomera offers a result-oriented success consultancy based on customer data, apart from just providing the technology.

What Inomera and SAP Hybris can Bring to Your Business;


With SAP Hybris Commerce, you can become a true omni-channel business and drive digital transformation delivering contextual customer experiences and unifying customer processes across all digital and physical touchpoints.


SAP Hybris contextual marketing solution uses real-time insights to help you develop a deeper understanding of your customers – and then deliver them highly individualized experiences across all touchpoints.


An easy-to-use cloud sales application SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, maximizes sales productivity by making great use of real-time analytics, e-mail and notes integration, collaborative and social selling, sales performance management and much more- going well beyond the traditional CRM approach.


With SAP Hybris cloud-based customer service and field service software, you can easily offer a consistent experience across all channels, access complete and contextual customer information, and gain real-time insight into call center performance and field service management.

SAP Hybris in Practice

Inomera already started SAP Hybris projects with leading e-commerce brands in Turkey. One of the projects started in May with Karaca Züccaciye. Within the scope of the project, Inomera will renew 5 e-commerce sites of Karaca Group using the Hybris infrastructure and develop their m-commerce applications with Hybris integration in addition to tracking customer behavior from web&mobile channels and building real-time targeted push campaigns.

More News on Inomera and SAP Hybris: Turkey’s Largest SAP Hybris Expertise Center

Inomera is in a strategic partnership on building Turkey’s Largest SAP Hybris Expertise Center in collaboration with Lineris, in order to deliver SAP Hybris Omni Channel Commerce and Marketing Solutions to their customers.

This partnership will combine expertise in customer relationship management, marketing, field sales service processes and mobile commerce applications to create truly end-to-end, omni-channel solutions for mainly companies in Turkey and the MENA region.

What is this Strategic Partnership going to Bring to Businesses?

With this SAP Hybris expertise center, Inomera and Lineris will deliver end-to-end services to customers in sales, consulting, customization, development, maintenance and support of SAP Hybris omni channel commerce, marketing automation, CRM and marketing solutions.

Click for more information about Turkey’s Largest SAP Hybris Expertise Center