01 Feb 2018

3 Innovative Use Cases for Telecom Companies

Inomera’s mobile engagement platform Netmera not only offers innovative features, but also provides exclusive industry specific know-how. This enables enterprises to gain more efficient, more targeted and more convenient insights, recommendations, reports and analysis; tailor made for their business needs. That being the case, Netmera offers a significant expertise in some major industries such as Telecom.

Netmera expertise contributes Telcos with various communications, customer engagement, and tailor-made campaign scenarios. “Netmera Success Team” periodically organises success meetings where they provide monthly benchmarking reports, give campaign recommendations and industry-specific insights; enabling telcos to increase their mobile engagement, retention and enhance communication initiatives.

Let’s take a look at 3 remarkable Telco use cases and see how the Telco Companies benefit from Netmera;



15 Nov 2017

Whitepaper: Success in Omnichannel Commerce

Since 2016 was mobile commerce’s breaking year with the share of mobile commerce exceeding 40%, in total e-commerce revenues; the fastest growing retailers are the ones catching customers on every channel with their responsive web sites and mobile applications.

Customers interact with brands from different touch points and they feel more secure when they reach consistent information on each channel. Therefore brands need to be with the customer throughout the entire customer journey and understand the customer’s status and what customer is aiming for. In this whitepaper, you will see how consumers use their mobile phones during their customer journey and how mobile is being used in retail, with numbers. Download our whitepaper and see some Inomera tips on how to provide a consistent experience to your customers and how to build an omni-channel strategy with Inomera omni-commerce solutions. 





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