Transform your customer touch points digitally and unify experience across all your channels.

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Telco API Management & Monetization Solution

Inomera offers Hybris solutions for transforming your entire omnichannel commerce processes. We don’t only bring you top technology know-how but also offer data driven insights and benchmarking recommendations for your success, enabling you to get closer to your customers and deliver a consistent experience at every touch point.

Transformation of Commerce

Increasingly all consumer journeys are becoming omni channel. In fact, 82% of customers are checking more than one channel before their purchases and 64% of shoppers search for ideas about what to buy before heading into stores.
In other words, a customer journey may start on online channels and end up purchasing through a physical store or vice versa. Therefore all customer touch points should be digitally transformed and should provide consumers a seamless experience.
Our omni channel solutions cover all commerce channels, physical or digital and unifies customer experience across all channels.

SAP Hybris Omni Channel Commerce Solution

Inomera is the leading implementation, integration and customization partner for SAP Hybris omnichannel commerce products. Inomera offers;
Deep understanding and experience on omnichannel ecommerce industry needs, processes and best practices
Complimentary mobile products and applications such as Netmera Mobile Engagement Platform which helps companies to get the most out of mobile consumers
Top expertise in Java technologies on which Hybris products are built
Customer success team that ensures not only successful implementation of solutions but also offers advice, recommendations and benchmarks for guiding clients in their omnichannel transformation.

SAP Hybris© products are designed to be easy to implement and integrate with your current systems. Our implementation, development and integration services are accompanied by our managed services that take care of your entire omni channel commerce business and give you 7/24 support, operations and success services

In-Store Solutions

In-Store experience is becoming more digital as mobile phones are spreading. 25% to 75% of store visits start with a search or interaction on mobile phones and 82% of consumers use their mobile phones in the store before they decide on a purchase. This creates many opportunities as well as threats to brick & mortar retailers.
Many omni channel sceanrios can be transformed with Hybris such as store pick-up, online ordering in store, store assisted returns, digital info hubs via kiosks or smart phones with the help of beacon technology

Mobile Commerce

Minimum 60% or your ecommerce revneues are coming from mobile devices! Act now before it’s too late! Mobile is the dominant channel for ecommerce now for both traffic and orders. Mobile shopping related searches increased by 120% in and more than half of shopping-related searches happened on mobile at the end of last year . Inomera analyses your consumers’ behaviours and suggests whether a responsive mobile web site experience is enough for you or you should build a native app. Inomera is expert in mobile commerce since we collect data drom 100 million app users. Our ready to run mobile app commerce solutions are seamlessly integrated with Hybris. We also offer engagement and campaigning for your mobile channel via Netmera Mobile apps are not only revenue boosters in itself but mobile app is a glue that tie your channels and enables many in store scenarios and also facilitates loyalty initiatives.

Our Approach

Our approach is unique that we take your goals as our golas for your digital omnicommerce projects. Our focus is always on the success of your business. We dedicate our technical know how and business experience for your success. Our methodology involves our data driven insights and recommendations at every stage;

1. Assesment & Analysis

We asses your existing systems and processes to determine opportunities for improvement as well as new revenue streams. We also give you a clear road map for transforming your business for omnicommerce

2. Plan Propose

We offer services, products and a detailed plan for implementing all these in harmony

3. Delivery

Our tech team and business team work for the best in class delivery. Our talented software dev team integrate solutions as well as create custom solutions for you

4. Managed Services

We will help you for running your solutions on cloud or on premise. we give 7/24 support & operations services for assuring SLA guaranteed availability of your solution

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